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Станьте частью ВИП-клуба от казино Вулкан. Продвигаться от уровня к уровню еще ни в одном ВИП-клубе не было проще. Вас ждут новые бонусы и выгодные предложения на каждом уровне. Собирайте ВИП-очки и получайте более высокий статус! Чем выше уровень – тем большего размера награды вы получите. Подробное описание вы найдете ниже.


VIP level 1. Newbie

Online casino The Empireslot welcomes you!

Congratulations - now you are not just a guest, but a full member of the Empireslot club, where the best slots from leading manufacturers are collected. Your path in the universe of gambling entertainment is just beginning, so play for fun, discover new interesting machines, save VIP points.

The more points - the higher your VIP status will be. Each subsequent level will bring pleasant surprises and bonuses, making the game at Empireslot Casino - even more profitable and profitable!

Good luck and big winnings!


VIP level 2. Bronze

We congratulate you on your first major achievement in the Empireslot club - you are awarded the VIP status \\\"Bronze\\\".

Now you are no longer a beginner, but an experienced player, who knows the value in bets and winnings. As was promised earlier, accept from Empireslot Casino gifts:
• 500 points per account,
• as well as a bonus of \\\"2 VIP VIP points\\\".

Gifts will appear in your personal cabinet immediately after receiving the level. Money can safely spend on betting in any slot machines, and the bonus will help you to accumulate points faster to get the next status, where you will get even more prizes and profitable offers from Empireslot !


ВИП-уровень 3. Silver

Your achievements in the club Empireslot can not but rejoice!

Now you have the VIP status \"Silver\", which means that the balance of your account will increase by 1500 points
, for which you can play any favorite games on our site.

Also for you, the bonus \"2 VIP VIP points\" is opened again, which will help you reach your goal faster - higher VIP status.

Make new bets, discover new gambling and do not stop moving forward.

Already on the next step of the casino, Empireslot prepares even more impressive incentive prizes for you!


VIP level 4. Gold

Your tenacity and dedication can only be envied!

Congratulations on the next achievement in the club Empireslot - VIP status \\\\\\\"Gold\\\\\\\"!

The hours and days spent behind the rotation of the coils of our best slot machines have not been in vain, because you get a new prize - 5000 points per account. This is our gratitude for the fact that you choose our casino for spending your leisure time with excitement.

In addition, do not forget about the bonus \\\\\\\"2 VIPs\\\\\\\". He acts on this level. Make new bets and double-fold VIP points, get a new status and wait for the next awards from Empireslot Casino!

We offer a glimpse into the description of the next level, to see what interesting is waiting for you there. We are sure you will be satisfied!


VIP level 5. Platinum

Just look how high this player climbed into the Empireslot Casino!

Congratulations on conquering the next peak - the level of \\\"Platinum\\\"!

A little more - and you will become the most privileged member of our club. In the meantime, enjoy new rates and winnings, using our gift - 15,000 points.

\\\"Platinum\\\" players in the casino Empireslot simply can not carry, so get ready for a whole avalanche of prizes and bonuses and, of course, an incredible charge of excitement!

And the \\\"2 VIP VIP points\\\" bonus will help you to quickly accumulate points for getting the next, highest, VIP status. Before you there was only one goal - to reach the level of \\\"Diamond\\\" and to take super-rewards to yourself!


VIP level 6. Diamond

It was done!

Now you are a real diamond of the Empireslot casino, because you get the highest VIP status - \\\"Diamond\\\"!

Feel the whole seriousness of this achievement will help gift in the form of 50 000 points. For players who, like you, choose only Empireslot casino for spending leisure with excitement, we do not feel sorry for anything, so use this gift for your own pleasure.

Make new bets, experiment with limits, do not be afraid to take risks!

The status of \\\"Almaz\\\" will surely bring you luck and attract new prizes and bonuses, because a real diamond needs a suitable frame!